Saturday, May 28, 2011


New Tape from Kommie Kilpatrick - 6 songs in 11 minutes, this recording features Sean Dufty (Frustrations) on drums, adding some extra OOMPF. Sort/fast punk songs with a few new twists and turns, including the title track coming in at almost 6 minutes. Packaging features a die-cut J card with a fold out lyric sheet featuring artwork by Andy Gabrysiak,who has done record covers for the Johnny Ill Band, Mahonies, and Charlie Slick. Recorded by Gordon Smith! Check out "Blackout" and "Better Off Dead" below.

100 copies, $5!

SOLD OUT Kommie Kilpatrick - Blackout by Gold Tapes

Kommie Kilpatrick - Better Off Dead by Gold Tapes

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