Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PROTOMARTYR - Vari-Speed Mithridates

PROTOMARTYR - LIVE ON WCBN. A great sounding live-on-the-radio set made up of a mix of already classics like "Jumbo's" and "Ypsilanti" as well as a handful of new songs, with 2 bonus studio tracks tacked on the end. Second run of 100 blue tapes, slightly different J-cards than the first run. $6.50ppd. (INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: After ordering and checking out, you will be sent an email with the amount of shipping that you owe for your order. thx) SOLD OUT (FOR NOW??) IN THE MEAN TIME... http://x-recs.com/ & http://www.hardlyart.com/shop/protomartyr.html

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